Monday, December 28, 2009

Making Money Online...Or Not

I decided to start a new blog. For those who know me well, this will be no great surprise.

I like to start blogs and then abandon them when I get bored. But I can do this, becasuse I'm Me.

And I tend to do exactly what I want, when I want. This might seem immature and impulsive, and it is. But that's the way I am, and I don't intend to change anytime soon.

This blog will be centered on making money online. I write articles for money, and I also plan to eventually make some designs to sell on Zazzle, and even more eventually to maybe try some affiliate marketing.

Here you will get to read all of my rants about how Ehow sucks, and all my ramblings about how I can't think of anything to write that day, and , boo hoo, how everyone thinks my writing sucks.

On the serious side, though, I will try to give advice, through my experiences, on how to make some extra money, for those who might be interested.


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  2. Hi Christine, I followed a trail from BC to your blog :). I think it's wonderful that you're writing about something that a lot of people are interested in (including yourself of course :)). I really wish you every bit of success with the writing as well as the money making!